Philanthropy Sewing-Bee

2.8 generic sewingbee.jpeg

Sewing Machines or other supplies needed:

  • Christmas Stocking Team - Kits will be ready for assembly
  • Mile-A-Minute Team - bags of scraps will be available - you will make 6 1/2 " blocks
  • Block Assembly Team - You will be sewing the 6 1/2' blocks together to form the quilt top
  • Block Trimming Team - Rotary cutter/mat and 6 1/2" square ruler needed (Two Squares will be available if you do not have one.)

Just bring yourself:

  • Ironing Team- (sitting job) Help the ladies making the blocks and Christmas stockings by ironing joined pieces and ironing the finished quilt strips and tops

Look for your station when you enter the room and there will be a person in charge of that station. We will have great fun with an assembly line type construction. We hope to finish several quilt tops that night to start next year’s pile of Philanthropy quilts!