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Our philanthropy program costs us several thousand dollars in fabric, thread, rotary blades, and other sewing supplies each year.  
If you are interested in supporting our community program either through direct cash donations,  products, or in-kind services  to help defray these costs, we would be very appreciative.  Click the ‘Donate’ button below, or click on the email address in the footer at the bottom of this page to send us an email.   
We are a 501 (c) 3 and can provide you with a tax form.  

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To donate sewing supplies or fabric please enter "DONATE SUPPLIES" on the subject line. Needed supplies include: cotton fabric (especially 3 yard + cuts), clothing fabrics appropriate to women and children, scissors, narrow ribbon for our Christmas stockings, threads for both domestic and longarm machines, batting, mats, rotary cutters, and blades. We will be glad to make arrangements to pick up your items.  


To become a  Quilt Show Sponsor either through a direct donation, or by partnering with us for "in kind" services please enter "Quilt Show Sponsor" on the subject line. In-kind services might include advertising/publicity, "set up" on Quilt show Day, equipment such as tables, chairs, pop-ups, microphone system etc, technical help, or other services.  This year we are looking for a sponsor to help us defray the costs of building large wooden display racks for outside display of quilts on Quilt Show Day.     

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To donate equipment such as a sewing machine, cutting table, longarm quilting machine, or sewing machine table please enter "EQUIPMENT DONATION" on the subject line.  We are suppling the Alternatives to Domestic Violence Shelter with machines that can either remain at the shelter, or that can go with the women as they move into more permanent housing.  

Thank you for considering our organization.