2019 Auction quilts will be posted mid September

We are happy to announce our auctioneer will be Mike “Mac” McNamara.

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Here is a look at our 2018 Auction Quilts


Quilt # 1- Colors of the Ocean

Description: Pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner, this quilt evokes the colors of the deep ocean as well as the shallow reefs. Ocean flora is reflected in her use of greens.

Dimensions: 64” x 80”


Quilt # 2 - …and baby makes three

Description: Pieced and quilted by Elaine Turner, this baby quilt playfully presents the giraffe family amongst a shower of green leaves, sure to delight the waiting parents and enchant the growing infant with its strong colors on the white background.

Dimensions: 45” x 55”


Quilt # 3- Snowmen

Description: This rag quilt by Candy Flory-Barnes is perfect for cuddling on those cold winter evenings. It only gets softer with age, use, and gentle washing.

Dimensions: 60” x 80”


Quilt # 4- Two lives entwined

Description: This antique hand-pieced Double Wedding Ring quilt top was given to Edna Wright. To preserve the beautiful workmanship, she “tried to reflect the historical nature in the selection of the backing, the binding, and the quilting.”

Dimensions: 58” x 81”


Quilt # 5- Frida’s Folly

Description: Edna Wright designed, pieced and quilted this colorful quilt pattern in honor of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist who painted many portraits, self portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. 

Dimensions: 82” x 108”


Quilt # 6 - Rainbows

Description: Scrappy quilts are a lot of fun because they always surprise the maker. Pieced and quilted by Elaine Turner, this child’s/baby quilt will make you smile. The unique red border adds emphasis and frames the rainbows. 

Dimensions: 47” x 68”


Quilt # 7- Crazy Squares

Description: Where do you look for the main pattern on this quilt? Everywhere! The squares in-squares in-squares make you feel like you are looking through a kaleidoscope. This quilt pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner dazzles the eye. 

Dimensions: 62” x 76”


Quilt # 8 - Going Around in Circles

Description: Pieced and quilted by Gloria Bachmann, she shared that she bought the kit for this quilt at a yard sale. A few of the pieces had been cut, and then she put the top together at the April 2018 guild retreat. Any little boy or girl would love the transportation theme and the feel of a confetti party.

Dimensions: 46” x 65”


Quilt # 9 - Charms gone wild

Description: Charm quilts are made up of squares or rectangles of the same size. Dalia Fonseca chose to highlight her beautiful fabric choices using a neutral small rectangle to set them off. Machine pieced and quilted by Dalia.

Dimensions: 42” x 63”


Quilt # 10 - Thomas Fire

Description: After making a quilt from this pattern for victims of the Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties in California, Linda Piraino liked the block so much that she made this one in reds and creams.

Dimensions: 49” x 61”


Quilt #11 - “Boo-tiful” Halloween

Description: “Pumpkins, and crows, and witches. I’m not afraid! Ghosts, and spider webs, and haunted houses. I’m not afraid!” What else do you need for a “spook-tacular Halloween”. The Happy Strippers friendship group shared their talents in this seasonal throw: Carole Donohoe, Miyo Kretsch, Gretchen Bryant, Shirley Brown, Sara Kalinin, Jane Ward, Jan Dolan, Cindy McAlister and Ellen French.

Dimensions: 54” x 67”


Quilt # 12 - Little Indian Girl

Description: Janice Quackenbush machine pieced and quilted this lovely twin size quilt featuring fabrics from the “Dream Catchers” collection by Lucie Crovatto for Studio E Fabrics.

Dimensions: 73” x 88”


Quilt # 13- Cathedral Windows

Description: While the maker of this quilt is unknown, his or her eye for color is highlighted by the appearance of looking through a cathedral window.

Dimensions: 48” x 69”


Quilt # 14: Hershey Kisses

Description: This six patch Rail Fence/Fence Rail pattern in the colors of light and dark chocolate makes you just want to jump up and find a Hershey’s Kiss. Pieced and quilted by Dalia Fonseca, her unusual rick-rack border sets off the quilt .

Dimensions: 54” x 63”


Quilt #15 - Climb the Ladder

Description: Color theory techniques were used to select her colors and provide contrast and movement in her variation of the Rail Fence/Fence Rail pattern. Pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 60” x 85”


Quilt # 16 - Muriel’s Fun Quilt

Description: Muriel Manning brings us a quilt reminiscent of home and hearth. Many familiar blocks are in this quilt and the colors suggest fall and the warmth and comfort we find in our homes. Machine quilted by Julie Calavari.

Dimensions: 67” x 85”


Quilt # 17 - Asian Fantasy

Description: Lavenders, purples, mauves, and greens combine in this sampler quilt to delight us. The jewel tones are striking and pleasing to the eye. Every square has a story and a name. Pieced and quilted by Edna Wright.

Dimensions: 80” x 80”


Quilt # 18 - Strips for You

Description: Desert sand, mountains, and red rock are all images that come to mind with this strip quilt. Machine pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 57” x 82”


Quilt # 19 - Fireman

Description: We are sure you know a little boy who needs this quilt. What more can we say than “Fire”. Machine pieced and quilted by Robin Glass.

Dimensions: 61” x 72”


Quilt # 20 - String

Description: This directional throw quilt machine pieced and quilted by Robin Glass should not be used with too much wine on a late night. You may get a little dizzy!

Dimensions: 60” x 60”


Quilt # 21 - Mixed Oceans

Description: Beautiful jewel-toned batiks were used in this top by Dalia Fonseca. The alternating stacking of these blocks gives interest and movement to the design. Even the binding moves the eye around the quilt and takes you back to where you started.

Dimensions: 43” x 57”


Quilt # 22 - Shirley’s Quilt

Description: This Civil War Sampler Quilt was pieced by Shirley Brown from a pattern by Rosemary Youngs entitled The Civil War Love Letters Quilt. Final quilting was completed by Candice Dalton. The “Out of the Box” friendship group with the additional members , Miyo Inouye Kretsch, Marlene Oaks, Karen Wurfel, and Laura Haskell worked on the layout, borders and binding. The beautiful quilting has a version of feathers in the border and stippling over the center. The fabrics are Civil War reproductions. This can be used over a twin, or at the foot a bed.

Dimensions: 70” x 86”


Quilt # 23 - Fassett Paradise

Description: These beautiful charm squares in blue, turquoise, magenta, green and purple are encased in a secondary group of blue tones. Machine pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner, buy this quilt with caution, as we are sure you will follow up this purchase with a cruise to the Caribbean!

Dimensions: 45” x 64”


Quilt # 24 - # Quilts Rule

Description: “The ‘Sewl’ Sisters” friendship group thought this pattern from the Missouri Quilt Company entitled “Hashtag” was interesting as a statement of our current social networking. Friendship group members include Laura Alvarado, Shirley Brown, Sheri Eramo, Laura Haskell, Pat Jordan, Julie Nims, Marlene Oaks, Patricia Ogden, Sherry Riddle, and Cheri McDowell. Machine quilted by Linda Schaefer.

Dimensions: 61” x 77”


Quilt # 25 - A Cacophony of color

Description: Cacophony (Kuh-KOF-uh-nee) - “noisy or discordant sounds for poetic effect.” This “Mumbo Gumbo” pattern uses bright contrasting colors rather than sounds to create energy and whimsy. This vibrant quilt was pieced and quilted by Miyo Inouye-Kretsh who has been a musician and a dancer in her other life incarnations.

Dimensions: 49” x 68”


Quilt # 26 - Blues Magoos

Description: The shots of red in Miyo Inouye-Kretsch’s original design quilt startles us and makes us look again at the details in this quilt. You wonder, “How did she do that with fabric?“ The play of positive and negative space also draws our eye and fuels our imagination, and the result is a perfect dorm room or twin bed quilt.

Dimensions: 60” x 72”


Quilt # 27 - Mac’s Puzzle

Description: Nationally known teacher and quilter, Mike McNamara was a guest speaker this year and donated this Magic Square quilt to the guild. In case you cannot guess, “Mac” does not like to follow rules. At first you think there is no order, until you begin to look into the denser sections and find the same pinwheel concept he shows on the side. We are very privileged to be able to offer this quilt for auction. Don’t miss your chance to purchase this quilt as his quilts do not come up for sale that often.

Dimensions: 61” x 66”


Quilt # 28 - Antique Double wedding ring

Description: The hand quilter for this beautiful antique quilt is unknown. It is a quilt that perhaps has had numerous stories of newlyweds who have begun their life together under this quilt. Can’t you just see this beautiful antique quilt in a cream-colored room on a cast iron bed? An antique milk pitcher of wild flowers rests on the well-worn side table, while sheer beige curtains are blowing in a gentle breeze through the cased window. Machine quilted by Edna Wright, she again took pains to represent the time period in her quilting pattern. Looking for shabby chic? Look no further.

Dimensions: 75” x 99”


Quilt # 29 - Overture in Red and Black

Description: The use of Square-in-a-Square undergoes a transformation in this fiery quilt with tone-on-tone and negative and positive space contrasts. The interaction of blacks, reds, and grays in varying tones almost feels like you can hear a different musical phrase as you “play” each square. You would already have your warm and cozy fire for a cold winter night if you bought this quilt! Quilter unknown.

Dimensions: 54” x 68”


Quilt # 30 - Bunny love

Description: Some “bunny” is looking for the perfect quilt for their child, or grandchild. Let this quilt become part of your family history as it passes from child to child. Machine pieced and quilted by Elaine Turner.

Dimensions: 48” x 67”


Quilt #31- Coral and blue

Description: What do you see? Do you look at the coral X, or the four grey squares surrounded by the dark blue, or perhaps it is the triangle pattern that emerges between the shapes? Where does your eye fall? Quilting is architecture, design, color theory, and construction; and, suddenly something new emerges, something never seen before. Quilting is art! Machine pieced by Gail Ledbetter, and machine quilted by Ruth O’Neill.

Dimensions: 54” x 69”


Quilt # 32 - Triangles Galore

Description: The effect of looking at a contemporary stained glass window is very real. Fabric can reflect wood, glass, flora and fauna, play, fun, music, and all other aspects of our lives. Quilting is LIFE in fabric. Machine pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 57” x 90”


Quilt #33 - Falling Leaves

Description: This quilt is reminiscent of falling leaves and the coming of autumn while the color palate is conducive to many room environments. Machine pieced and custom quilted by Elaine Giometti, she encourages you to be sure and look at the back of the quilt to reveal the full extent of its custom quilting.

Dimensions: 56” x 76”


Quilt # 34 - Every Which Way

Description: Look how the floral border fabric has an irregular edge making the quilt look like it is floating against the black background. Shape-upon-shape emerges as the intertwined forms reveal new surprises. Wouldn’t our geometry teachers be pleased! Machine pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 55” x 70”


Quilt # 35 - Winter is coming

Description: Winter certainly is coming. Imagine a frosty winter night with a cup of hot apple cider (or whatever your poison is), your sweetie or your furry friend, a favorite show, and you wrapped up in this cozy quilt. You will have to get your own popcorn. Machine pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 53” x 70”


Quilt # 36 - Strawberries and cream

Description: Machine pieced and quilted by Dania Katz, this yummy quilt evokes strawberry shortcake, but we promise no extra pounds come with this quilt.

Dimensions: 68” x 78”


Quilt # 37 - Springtime

Description: This rag quilt is a delightful expression of springtime with lots of movement and beautiful colors, and would be a perfect throw for you or a friend that needs a healthy dose of joy and happiness. Machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 46” x 68”


Quilt # 38- Country Store

Description: The quilt is made up of two blocks: Broken Sash and Pinwheel. Look at the mathematics of this quilt! The light and dark fabrics were used to create shadow and subtle light changes. The pattern came from a Gerri Robertson pattern in McCall’s Quick Quilts from June 2013. Machine pieced and appliquéd by Jan Dolan. Quilted by Bonnie Hallet. Look this one over carefully as Bonnie’s quilting is always exquisite.

Dimensions: 72” x 72”


Quilt # 39 - Five squares

Description: This quilt reflects another interpretation on the Square-in-a-Square pattern. The warm colors reflect an autumn day, a walk in the woods, and the smell of fallen leaves. Machine pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 60” x 77”


Quilt #40 - Licorice stars

Description: A complex image emerges in this quilt using the Split Nine-Patch pattern from designer Eleanor Burns. The fabric choices Dalia Fonseca made in piecing this quilt are exciting and enchanting; and, we can see where dark, light, and shadow all combine to make this quilt very desirable. Machine quilted by Beverly Simms.

Dimensions: 49” x 65”.


Quilt # 41 - Rouenneries

Description: Strips, squares, large pieces, and small pieces all come together in an eye pleasing assembly in this quilt pieced by Lynn Korito. The fabrics are from a collection by French General and include shades of red and cream. Machine quilted by Janice Quackenbush.

Dimensions: 78” x 78”


Quilt # 42 - Flower Petals

Description: This quilt is built in a diamond pattern around a beautiful peach and lavender floral fabric. The various greens are meant to bring out the greens in the floral. Heavily quilted with a dense pattern of flowers, feathers and grapes, this quilt is machine pieced and quilted by Elaine Giometti.

Dimensions: 61” x 71”


Quilt # 43- Indian Cycle (with pillowcase)

Description: The Indian Motorcycle Company was founded in 1901 and was America’s first motorcycle company. Pieced by Lynn Beene and quilted by Julie Calvario, this throw can be a special gift for the biker in your family. Mike Wolf and Frank Fritz from American Pickers would be jealous!

Dimensions: 57” x 64”


Quilt # 44 - August and December

Description: Modern Art has a huge place in the quilting world. Machine pieced and quilted by Gloria Bachmann, she tells us that “I won the blocks of the month twice in 2016 and put them together in one quilt.” Her choice of the triple sashing strips paired with the grey uprights and white cornerstone rectangles really sets off the large squares.

Dimensions: 56” x 68”


Quilt # 45 - Log Cabin Sampler

Description: Machine pieced and quilted in an original design by Gloria Bachmann, she shared that she learned the log cabin variations at a Christal Carter workshop and used her collection of Stonehenge fabrics to create this unique quilt.

Dimensions: 58” x 76”


Quilt # 46- Jared Takes a Wife

Description: Bonnie Hunter came to the guild this year to teach this pattern. Everyone’s quilts created in this workshop looked so different just based upon the color choices. Machine pieced and quilted by Maryruth Wilson.

Dimensions: 84” x 97”


Quilt # 47- Fifties Fun

Description: The irregular border and the 1950’s reproduction fabrics make this quilt a favorite for collectors and those who seek a retro feel for their home. The triangles and the flowers juxtapose to create multiple layers of design and intrigue. Grab this one fast! Pieced and quilted by Edna Wright.

Dimensions: 58” x 68”


Quilt # 48- Sun dancers

Description: This Scrappy quilt includes many Southwest motifs such as Kokopelli, cave art horses, bison, wild horses, and western sunsets. Made with a combination of quilting cottons and batiks, this is the second version of the Mumbo Gumbo pattern pieced and quilted by Miyo Inouye-Kretsch.

Dimensions: 51” x 72”


Quilt # 49 - 2016 Blocks of the Month

Description: This sampler consisting of 12 “Blocks of the Month” for 2016 done in black, white, grey and red, was machine pieced and quilted by Gloria Bachmann. This modern art quilt gives us lots of places to rest our eye before we move on the next intriguing set of shapes.

Dimensions: 58” x 74”


Quilt # 50 - Charms Squared

Description: This quilt is another interpretation of the Charm Quilt with a neutral sashing and large and small squares. Made of only two style blocks, the variation is engaging and dramatic. Pieced and quilted by Elizabeth Lehner.

Dimensions: 55” x 70”.


Quilt # 51- Create a beautiful life

Description: This original design pieced by Ellen French is a variation of the log cabin theme set in a beautiful and interesting pattern. The use of blacks and yellows is always stunning; your eye is immediately drawn towards the middle of the quilt and then moves outward in a circle around the center. A striking wall hanging to grace your walls or a throw (don’t you dare) for the end of a bed. Machine quilted by Linda Schaefer.

Dimensions: 50” x 50”


Quilt # 52 - Colorful Creatures

Description: Who would not love a small throw quilt with our feathery friends machine pieced and quilted by Elaine Turner? The use of the flying geese blocks in an offset style moves our eye quickly around the perimeter while our feathery friends playfully escape their keeper who is tied up in the lowest hidden hole.

Dimensions: 42” x 58”


Quilt # 53 - Ocean Waves

Description: This quilt is reminiscent of the many colors found in an ocean wave on a sunny day. The octagons are surrounded by tan and brown, like sand on the beach. Machine pieced and quilted by Elaine Giometti, this twin size quilt would make a wonderful centerpiece for a room.

Dimensions: 67” x 79”


Quilt # 54 -Love Pineapple (with pillowcase)

Description: This dynamic interpretation of the pineapple quilt in red, black and white is riveting. The quiet border in geometric black, lets your eyes feast on the quilt interior. The black cornerstone triangles give you another place to rest your eyes and then return to the primary design. Machine pieced by Candy Flory-Barnes and quilted by Danin Katz.

Dimensions: 72” x 96”


Quilt # 55 - On Ringo Lake

Description: This Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt was inspired by sunrise over a Minnesota Lake. Another strong application of color theory has the colors of the sunset contrasted against the sky. Pieced and quilted by Maryruth Wilson, the design complexity is bound to make this a favorite.

Dimensions: 76” x 90”.


Quilt # 56 - Fresh Produce

Description: Machine pieced and hand appliquéd by Linda Piraino this tumble of blocks and triangles was made from a pattern called Fresh Produce by Blackbird Designs. The appliquéd fruit at the top of the quilt is set a little apart from the bottom of the quilt by the imaginative layout.

Dimensions: 54” x 54”


Quilt # 57 - Jelly Belly

Description: Glenda Hassler has interpreted Mike McNamara’s Magic Squares quilt in another color combination with setting borders on two sides. Randomness is not always so random as you adjust to studying this pattern.

Dimensions: 70” x 85”


Quilt # 58 - All that Glitters

Description: From a pattern by Pat Speth, quilter Maryruth Wilson has brought all of her scraps into play to complete this king size quilt. Notice again the bands of light and dark colors and the way the colors do actually glitter!

Dimensions: 101” x 114”


Quilt # 59 - Checkerboard Rails

Description: Bonnie Hunter’s “Leader and Ender Challenge” is designed to help you use up scraps by working one quilt at the same time you are piecing a second. Pieced and quilted by Maryruth Wilson, this king size quilt will adorn your bed if you bid on this striking quilt on October 6th.

Dimensions: 77” x 111”


Quilt # 60 - Monet’s Wedding Ring

Description: The UFO’s friendship group worked together to bring us our last quilt of the 2018 Auction. This scrappy variation on the wedding ring pattern adds a modern flair with the offset use of squares. The jewel tones are inviting and complementary. Celebrate your anniversary or someone’s wedding with this beautiful version of this classic quilt. Friendship group members include Ami Belue, Elaine Turner, Jamie Loudenbach, and Sandy Besanson.

Dimensions: 90” x 90”